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Angie Archibald

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Real Estate

As Keller Williams Williamsburg’s Rookie of the Year in 2020, and Not-So-Rookie of the year in 2021 (I just made that one up) I closed 46 transactions in my first two years as an agent. (No, that’s not normal. Neither am I.)

But more importantly, I’m creating a community of GOOD PEOPLE, and your friendship and referrals are my greatest treasures. Thank you!

I have lived in Virginia for 13 years now (nearly 8 in Williamsburg), but was raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. Go Pack, Go! I married young at age 20 and welcomed my 4th child to the party by age 29. At 38 we added a bonus kiddo to the family as he aged out of foster care… and shortly therafter my husband and I also decided to “consciously uncouple” and move toward an amicable divorce.

That big change in 2019, spurred the realization that it was finally time to answer the call to real estate- something I knew for years I’d do someday. The rest is history… And the future, because I’ve got big plans! Who’s coming along for the adventure?

WAIT! First I need to tell you my big rule- and it’s important: I only help good people. Together we form a partnership of sincerity, kindness, truthfulness, patience, fun! Plus all my shiny skills. If that sounds like a good fit for you, then let’s lock arms and get you where you need to go! I’m excited to meet you.

Why you are still reading this? Text me and we’ll set up a time to talk! 571.439.6333.